BELIEVE in exactly who you are

as you are...

"The Beautiful You"  program :

Consulting: $0 first 30 min. 

Thank you for spending this time exploring your beautiful nature and how to access your greatest powers. Everyone is worthy of deserving their dreams. I’ve noticed we all seek assistance and support to reawaken our God given strength. The Beautiful You and the "YOU" program is the gift of your soul, resonating with the minds mastery and your shining power that illuminates your life. We are all stars of the universe....full of light for generations to follow the infinite magical powers for impacting  legacies.

October 4, 2017
New York City
$1500 pp
($1000 early reservationist)


"It's all about discovering what makes you feel more Alive with a Passion you love living each day"....Get started today with your own attendance at seminar, or consult (international/phone) with STARR  and discover how you can live an inspired, empowered life.

"The Beautiful You"

...empowerment in every area your life.

713-320-1521  •  PO Box 22837, Houston, TX 77227

Upcoming Event

Join me in awakening what you inwardly know... limited audience. This time is a gift to you from yourself.  -Starr

"Wherever you Look, You will Be"

September 30, 2017

Houston, TX. $1500,

$1000early res.