One of the most powerful things we can do in life is to recognize our own power. How powerful and empowering we can be in our lives  when we awaken our true God given abilities to do all we can with all that we have been given. This handbook will allow you to apply new thoughts, senses, actions, behaviors, love, gratitude, and wisdom to your daily life fulfilling your existence in ways you have only dreamed of revealing.

You will take home from the general audience program "YOU" or the womens program,  The Beautiful YouTM a new and illuminate confidence, an independent drive & self-esteem, and a no-fear energy that matters in terms of doing whatever it takes to create the vision of your heart. You will realize your service to the world. You will discover a health and independant repertoire of vitality, discovering what you love and looking physically vibrant along the way. You will reveal to yourself an understanding how voids are not voids, yet powerful factors that lead to your highest values in your life being fulfilled. You will unleash your own passion allowing anyone to be stunned by your presence, accessing your gift of  wise allure. You will nurture your love to all around you, have a sophisticated and professional impacting image, engage your mind and heart to your purpose and mission, and awaken your innermost desires, visions, and dreams

I am graciously dedicated to the discovery of the magical and inspiring gifts of each and every one of us.  It's Your Time Now to awaken your truth, being fulfilled and freed.   You have your own powerful life-force and mental clarity for creating your dreams. Let's go!! Call now 713-320-1521


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Everyone needs a reset, a new inspired light, and a renewed state of mind for loving life.  Don't know what you like? Come visit with us in a live or phone consult or live seminar.

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